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mounts4solar delivers second 625kW flat roof mounting system

Ontario Refrigerated Services to install second large flat roof mounts4solar mounting system in Ingersoll, Ontario.

 Windsor, Ontario – May 31, 2013 Green Sun Rising, the Windsor Ontario based manufacturer of mounts4solar solar mounting systems, has finished the second 625kW DC flat roof mounting system for Ontario Refrigerated Services in Ingersoll, Ontario.

The second solar mounting system, like the first one, will be installed on the roof of a large warehouse, on top of a sturdy steel structure.

“I could not wish for a better mounting system partner than mounts4solar,” says Roger Kropf, owner of Ontario Refrigerated Services. “The product offers exactly the flexibility I need for my projects – and it was simple and easy to install. The quality of the aluminum frames together with the price delivered an unbeatable argument to work with mounts4solar – and after receiving and installing the first 625kW solar system, I knew I had made the right choice”

In close cooperation with the customer, Green Sun Rising’s engineers sized and custom-designed the mounting system to make it a perfect fit for the two 500kW AC solar system inverters.

“With an order of this magnitude, it is all about teamwork and timing”, emphasizes Klaus Dohring, president of Green Sun Rising. “We made sure to coordinate production and delivery with the customer’s installation schedule, it really worked like a charm.”

Each mounting system consists of more than 1,500 aluminum A-frames that bring the PV system to a perfect 30° angle. All aluminum for the system is extruded and finished in Windsor, Ontario. Machining and assembly is also done locally in mounts4solar manufacturing facilities in Windsor.


First prize for Green Sun Rising's Solar Bench: Mechanical Designer Patrick Marion and Electric Designer Hassan Beydoun present their award for "Experimental Development – New Product". The prize was awarded as part of the Innovation Challenge Competition 2012.

First prize for Green Sun Rising’s Solar Bench: Mechanical Designer Patrick Marion and Electric Designer Hassan Beydoun present their award for “Experimental Development – New Product”. The prize was awarded as part of the Innovation Challenge Competition 2012.


Green Sun Rising’s Solar Bench took part in the Windsor-Essex Engineering Innovation Challenge 2012 at Devonshire Mall. The innovative Solar Off-Grid-System won the price in the Category “Experimental Development: New product”.


Green Sun Rising’s new Solar Bench offers students a shady spot in front of the Leddy library, University of Windsor.

Windsor, Ontario – September 6, 2012

Green Sun Rising Inc., Windsor’s longest operating renewable energy company has donated a shady spot for University of Windsor students. Under the roof of the company’s new Solar Bench, students can take cover from the hot sun and work outsides, charging their electric devices at the same time.

Three flexible solar modules on the arched roof of the Solar Bench, with a combined output of over 200W, produce enough power to run and charge regular electronic devices like laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Two comfy benches, made out of 100 % Canadian cedar wood invite students to rest and/or work in front of the Leddy library, where the Solar Bench was recently installed.

Klaus Dohring, president of Green Sun Rising: “We hope that students, faculty and staff will embrace and use the solar bench, enjoying the seating arrangement, weather protection, LED lighting and the charge capabilities for cell phones and laptops. It’s clean, autonomous energy for a greener world.”

The Solar Bench also has a LED light mounted in the top to light it up at night, this way it can be used 24 hours a day.

“Whenever the sun is out, it’s making electricity,” Dohring said. “But even under dim conditions, it’s still generating something.”

Dan Castellan, the university’s Manager, Facility Planning, Renovations & Construction, said he was delighted that Dohring donated the bench and that it demonstrates the university’s commitment to using more sustainable sources of energy. “It was a really nice gesture on the part of Green Sun Rising,” he said.

Dohring said the bench was recently set up temporarily at the Balloonapalooza event downtown and it was very well received, and well used by many people who attended. The university’s bench, he said, is the first permanent installation of a solar bench that his company has done. To our best of knowledge it is the first solar bench at a University in Canada.

“Your students are very smart, so I’m sure they’ll figure it out very quickly,” he said. “We hope it gets good reception and usage.”

The Solar Bench and other off-grid and grid connected solar systems are available for sale. For more information, please visit or contact the company at


Green Sun Rising is proud to introduce the new Solar Bench! Please contact us regarding price and details

The Solar Bench protects you against the sun and charges your laptop or cell phone.

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