Welcome to Mounts4solar

Mounts4solar products are engineered and manufactured at our facilities in Windsor Ontario. Our products are light weight, strong and durable, and made from the finest aluminum and stainless steel.

We offer mounting systems for all applications, including sloped roofs, flat roofs, curved roofs, facades, and ground mount systems. We are flexible in our design capabilities and provide project-specific solutions to best meet the needs of our customers.

Proven and mature technology, made in Ontario.

Flat roof, angled mounting system, for a 10 kW project on Riverside Drive, Windsor, ON, spectacularly overlooking the Detroit River.

Flat roof, angled mounting system, for a 10 kW project on Riverside Drive in Windsor, ON, spectacularly overlooking the Detroit River. Click to enlarge.

Mounts4solar large scale mounting system

Suitable for all solar mounting applications, Mounts4solar can be used for microFIT and FIT systems, as well as Off-Grid, Net Metering, and Load Displacement systems of all sizes. Click to enlarge.


mounts4solar delivers second 625kW flat roof mounting system

Ontario Refrigerated Services to install second large flat roof mounts4solar mounting system in Ingersoll, Ontario.

 Windsor, Ontario – May 31, 2013 Green Sun Rising, the Windsor Ontario based manufacturer of mounts4solar solar mounting systems, has finished the second 625kW DC flat roof mounting system for Ontario Refrigerated Services in Ingersoll, Ontario.

The second solar mounting system, like the first one, will be installed on the roof of a large warehouse, on top of a sturdy steel structure.

“I could not wish for a better mounting system partner than mounts4solar,” says Roger Kropf, owner of Ontario Refrigerated Services. “The product offers exactly the flexibility I need for my projects – and it was simple and easy to install. The quality of the aluminum frames together with the price delivered an unbeatable argument to work with mounts4solar – and after receiving and installing the first 625kW solar system, I knew I had made the right choice”

In close cooperation with the customer, Green Sun Rising’s engineers sized and custom-designed the mounting system to make it a perfect fit for the two 500kW AC solar system inverters.

“With an order of this magnitude, it is all about teamwork and timing”, emphasizes Klaus Dohring, president of Green Sun Rising. “We made sure to coordinate production and delivery with the customer’s installation schedule, it really worked like a charm.”

Each mounting system consists of more than 1,500 aluminum A-frames that bring the PV system to a perfect 30° angle. All aluminum for the system is extruded and finished in Windsor, Ontario. Machining and assembly is also done locally in mounts4solar manufacturing facilities in Windsor.

Press Release from our Solar System Partner Green Sun Rising:

Green Sun Rising Goes North – Arctic Energy Alliance purchases five Solar Off-Grid-Demo-Systems

Windsor, Ontario – August 29, 2013 Green Sun Rising Inc., Windsor’s longest operating renewable energy company, just signed an agreement with the Arctic Energy Alliance for the purchase of five mobile Solar Off-Grid-Demo Systems for the Northwest Territories.

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) is a not-for-profit society with a mandate to help communities, consumers, producers, regulators and policymakers to work together to reduce the costs and environmental impacts of energy and utility services.

The five solar systems will be locally manufactured in Green Sun Risings facilities in Windsor and then shipped to Yellowknife, from where they will serve to demonstrate the functionality and advantages of solar systems all over the Northwest Territories.

The systems are mobile and are equipped with modules, made in Ontario by Canadian Solar. They also utilize inverters, charge controllers and battery back-up systems. They are fully operational and suitable even for the harsh climate in the Northwest Territories.

Klaus Dohring, president of Green Sun Rising: “This shows how solar off-grid systems get more and more exposure all over Canada. Especially in remote areas like the Northwest Territories, solar systems are a great, affordable and effective way of providing electricity.”

Green Sun Rising Inc. is a Windsor, Ontario based company focusing on developing and supplying solar systems, both solar PV for clean electricity, and solar thermal for clean heat energy.

Green Sun Rising also operates the RenewableEnergyTechnologyCenter in Windsor, a community-based institute for understanding sustainability and renewable energy. Here they showcase several solar demo systems and operate two electric vehicles with the necessary level 2 charging stations, supported by carports covered with solar panels.

For more information, please visit www.GreenSunRising.com or contact the company at info@GreenSunRising.com.

Contact: Tanja Nuske, 519-946-0408


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